“Don’t mess with a clogged drain. I’ll take care of it anytime, and I mean ANYTIME!”

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I only do one thing — I fix drains. Why?
Because I’m freaking great at it.

Plus, I’ve got all the specialized equipment to diagnose your drain right in my truck and I’ll fix it in no time.

Clogged drains are ALWAYS an emergency. That’s why I’ll come fix your drain day, night, late, early, or on weekends.

Because if emergencies were convenient or happened at a convenient time, well, then they wouldn’t be emergencies.

There’s nothing better for me than to take someone who’s pulling their hair out over a clogged drain and — badda bing, badda boom — totally fix the problem right away. They’re relieved and happy, and now they can get back to things that really matter.

They’re relieved and happy, and now they can get back to things that really matter.Leave the mess to us.

Drain Boss is who you want to call if you need drain cleaning, whether it be during the day at peak hours, during the night, or even on weekends, we’ll be there to fix you right up! Not only are we fantastic at fixing drains, but we know that a blocked drain is an emergency that needs to be fixed fast! Drain unblocking is our speciality, and we want to stop you from cringing and pulling your hair out when a drain blockage happens!

We assist you by bringing along our equipment for all types of jobs so that we can get your drain cleared as fast as possible no matter what the situation brings on! We are affordable, friendly, and professional and will always answer the call to action. We will always leave the area tidy and clean afterwards, and are available for drain cleaning in Montreal as well as drain unblocking in Montreal.

Leave the mess to us. Call the boss

514.735 BOSS

Or heck, even e-mail us